3 Car Garage

Project: Clutter Packing & Removal

Description: The client was completely overwhelmed by the amount of clutter that had accumulated in her garage. We met with her to discuss her needs, then returned the next day to sort and pack up all the excess items. After removing all the clutter, we used shelving and storage containers already on hand to organize the remaining items in a logical, easy to access manner. It took us 6 hours to transform this garage from a stressful mess into an open, functioning space.

Images – Before & After

clutter removal, declutter, garage
Looking In – Before
clutter removal, declutter, garage
Looking In – After


Clutter removal, declutter garage
Looking Out – Before
clutter removal, declutter, garage
Looking Out – After











Client’s Thoughts

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I was completely unaware of how the clutter in my garage added to my daily stress level until it was cleaned out. That one space that I walked through multiple times a day held the discarded toys, unused lawn and garden implements, unopened boxes from a previous move, projects that I said I would get to one day but knew I never would… GUILT. I cannot thank the ladies from DeclutterGreen enough for clearing out my garage. It sounds like a simple thing but to walk into a clean and organized garage on my way to work every morning is now a guilt free experience. The removal of the daily reminder of all the things that I need to do but do not have the time was a true conscience cleansing gift.

These ladies are professional, efficient and non-judgmental. Yes, I said it – non-judgmental. No eye-brow lifting “What, you kept this?!!”. But rather a question of “Do you really need this? What do you see yourself using this for? Let’s put this in the removal pile”. I was also very happy that their secondary goal, after relieving you of clutter, is to ensure as minimal an environmental impact as possible. Anything that can be repurposed, donated or sold will be.

I cannot say enough about my experience with DeclutterGreen. Hire these ladies immediately, your new guilt-free conscience will thank you.

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