Our Services

Clutter Removal

Having too much stuff is overwhelming! But not everyone wants strangers in their home going through their personal belongings. And you know your needs better than anyone else possibly could. That’s where DeclutterGreen is different from other decluttering services.

We provide a free initial consultation at your location. We’ll discuss the amount of stuff you’d like to get rid of and estimate the number of bins required. We offer two sizes of bins so you can get rid of as much or as little as you want, without paying for unused space in the bins. If you prefer to forgo the initial consult, simply request the number of bins you think you will need. If you discover you require more, no problem!

After our initial consult, we will drop off your bins and leave you to go through your belongings on your own time, without any pressure. We allow a full month for you to fill the bins at your leisure. If you find you need extra time to go through your stuff, we’ve got you covered! Keep your bins for an additional month for a very small fee.

For items that are too large to fit in the bins, please pile everything together in one location for us to pick up. (See Large Items in Pricing for more information.)

Once you’ve decided what has to go and have filled your bins, simply let us know you’re ready. We will take everything away and dispose of it properly. It’s that easy!

Packing and Removal

If you want to declutter, but just don’t have the time to sort and pack, we also offer packing services. All you have to do is select a room (or rooms) that you would like to clean out. During our initial consultation we will walk through the room with you, flagging the items that you want to keep. We’ll arrange a time to come back with bins and pack up your excess items. After packing, everything is taken away to be disposed of responsibly. You pay only for the number of full bins removed, so you can get rid of as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. (For more information on how our decluttering services work see our post about Decluttering a 3 Car Garage.)

Senior’s Plans

When it’s time to downsize from your family home into retirement living, let us assist in the process. We offer Senior’s discounts on packing, and have a special Senior’s Plan for bin pick-up. During our initial consultation, we will assess your space and determine the amount of bins you are comfortable working with. Then we drop off the bins and leave you to fill them at your own pace. When those bins are full, simply let us know. We’ll come pick them up and drop off the same amount of bins to be filled again. As long as full bins are being picked up and new ones are dropped off, no late fees will apply.

Please see our Pricing page for a full list of services and pricing.

If you have any questions, please Contact Us and we’ll be happy to help!