Clutter Removal Ottawa – Services & Pricing

Initial Consultation – Free of charge


•  Bin Drop-off – Free of charge

•  Bin Pick-up – $6 per large (49L) bin, $4 per small (25L) bin for one month period
We drop off the bins, you pack them at your leisure. Call for pick-up when ready.

•  Additional Time (4 weeks) – $1.50 per bin (either size)
Not quite done with your bins? No problem! Just let us know and you can have an additional 4 weeks.

•  Bin Packing – $14 per large bin, $8 per small bin
Done by room. During initial consultation you will identify items that must be kept. Then we will sort and pack your belongings and take the bins away for disposal.

Please note bins must close when full for transportation purposes. 

Large Items

Large items that do not fit into bins will be removed for an additional flat-rate fee of $25 for a carload, or $50 for a van load (if items are too large for transportation by car).

  • Large items only include items that are too large for the bins – there is no additional cost for bin removal.
  • If multiple loads are required, additional trip charges will apply.
  • Once items have been picked up by DeclutterGreen, they cannot be returned. 

Senior’s Rates

•  Bin Pick-up – $5 per large (49L) bin, $3 per small (25L) bin
We will drop off 5 (or less) bins at a time for you to fill at your leisure. No late fees will apply provided full bins are picked up and empty bins are dropped off.

•  Bin Packing – $9 per large bin, $5 per small bin

•  Large Items – $20 for a carload, $45 for a van load

Other Items

•  Damaged, Missing or Unreturned bins – $10 for large bin, $7 for small bin


If you have questions about filling your bins, please see our Fill Your Bins page.

If you run into difficulties letting go of your things, consult our handy Decluttering Guide for tips and inspiration!

If you have questions or issues that aren’t covered there, just send us a message and we’ll be happy to help!