We’ve researched the best options for disposing of your unwanted items. We strive to reuse or recycle as much as possible, and aim to not add to landfills. Below is a list of our favoured methods and locations of disposal. Unless otherwise specified, we will be using these resources to dispose of your excess stuff.

Often local charities have fundraisers such as garage sales or auctions that could benefit from your donations. When opportunity arises, we will donate items to Ottawa and area charities to support their fundraising efforts.

If you have a a favourite charity that you would prefer to support with your items, please let us know and we will try to accommodate.


Shoes: All shoes in good condition will be donated to Shoe Bank Canada.

Formal Dresses: Appropriate dresses will be donated to Fairy Godmother Inc.

Work Attire: Women’s work attire will be donated to Dress for Success.

Coats:  Winter coats, boots, hats, scarfs and mitts/gloves will be donated to The Snowsuit Fund.

General: All other good condition clothing will be donated to The Salvation ArmyValue Village or St Vincent de Paul  depending on need.

Damaged: Ripped, stained, frayed or otherwise damaged clothes can not be donated to most charities. These items will be taken to Value Village or St Vincent de Paul Stores for repurposing into rags for insulation.


Broken and out of date electronics (including batteries, cables and accessories) will be taken to AIM Recycling Centre Ottawa.


We will donate books in good condition to Friends of the Ottawa Public Library.  Books not meeting their standards will be recycled appropriately.

Household Items

Household items such as gently used blankets, towels and cooking supplies will be donated to Cornerstone Housing for Women or The Shepherds of Good Hope depending on the items and need.

Furniture that cannot be resold will be donated to Matthew House (The Furniture Bank) or Helping With Furniture.

The Rest

Larger items such as furniture, outdoor accessories, sporting equipment and some toys and electronics will be resold when possible. This ensures not only that the item does not end up in a landfill, but also that a new item does not need to be produced, packaged and shipped to meet consumer demands.

Our preferred method of resale is Kijiji.

Items that cannot be resold will be donated as per above.

We continue to look for other donation and recycling options to ensure we are using the best available methods to dispose of your belongings without sending them to a landfill.